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The importance of a solar light controller…

A solar light controller is a crucial component of a solar lighting system. Its primary function is to manage and regulate the charging and discharging of the battery that powers the solar light.

At the heart of every solar streetlight is a controller!

At OG2 Lighting we have taken technology to the next level and incorporated all the controller operations into one efficient future-proof unit.

At OG2 Lighting we’ve invested our knowledge and adapted technologies to ensure our solar controllers have unique future-proof features.

At the very heart of our solar lighting units…

Our solar controller is unique. Designed in-house it forms the core control system for all of our street lighting products. It incorporates several elements in one highly efficient module to efficiently charge a range of battery types.

· Solar power management and optimisation (MPPT).

· Battery management (Optimamp algorithm).

· Sensor control – Dual Input.

· Dual LED Drivers – Full PWM controlled dimming.

· Temperature monitoring.

· Data Logging.

By designing this control as a single unit, we are able to maximise the operating efficiency by eliminating any variance between controllers, led drivers and sensors. Ensuring efficient energy utilisation and optimum battery life, making solar lighting a reliable and sustainable lighting solution.

Our all-in-one unit is not designed but also manufactured in the UK. If you want to know more about how this can integrate into your lighting scheme you can Discover more about OG2’s solar solutions here >>>

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